On reaching targets:

"Dreams are for dreamers. Goals are for winners."


On business:

"If you aren't working on achieving your own dreams. You're helping someone else achieve theirs."


On networking:

"Knowledge is power; yet nothing without people to share it with, or sell it to."

Ash Phillips

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Personal Branding Expert

Ash Phillips is a young UK Entrepreneur. At 26 he currently runs YENA – a rapidly growing socially focused business that develops future business leaders via events, services and an online platform. His passion for business began when he left University early start a creative agency. From very humble beginnings, working regularly long periods with no days off, Ash began to achieve success in the leanest, most profitable ways possible.

In 2016, Ash was listed on the Maserati100 list alongside people such as Richard Reed, Stellios, Jamal Edwards, Lord Young and Sir Tom Farmer for his support of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship is one of the steepest, yet most rewarding learning curves available to people. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

Current Ventures


The Young Entrepreneur Networking Association, or ‘YENA’, brings young people from all backgrounds & circumstances together, to increase opportunities for success as startups and raise confidence in employability across the UK & beyond. YENA is one of the fastest growing young networking groups in the UK, currently operating in 4 locations across the UK, launching new locations every quarter.  

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How To Be a Super-Connector

Ash has built a whole organisation around the concept of modern networking being a completely different concept to the old school sales-based approach before.

Discover the secret to successfully networking with the right people and how to make sure you’re ‘in the right place at the right time’ as Ash explains all about how to be a Super-Connector.

Personal Branding 101

With the rise of social media and the rise of the general population, personal branding has never been as important as it is right now.

Ash brings his experience as a brand consultant to a talk about how to find, refine and build your personal brand to become a recognised character in your field.

Entrepreneurship & My Story

After dropping out of university in his first year, Ash then experienced the highs of visiting parliament and winning sailing races, to the lows of near bankruptcy & closing multiple companies all before he was 25. Now, as the founder of one of the fastest growing young networking organisations in the country and Director at specialist social media agency, Gumption, Ash shares his lessons and philosophies about entrepreneurship in your twenties.


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