Burnt out… (#worldmentalhealthday awareness)

By October 10, 2016My thougts

I realised this evening that I’m very close to burnout. Sometimes you see it coming a mile off and avoid it and sometimes it creeps up on you.

Having two modes: ‘sleep is for the week’ and ‘I could sleep for a week’ seems fun but is probably unhealthy. It’s something I don’t manage to sort out very well but definitely should.

Avoid burnout at all costs. For me it feels like exhaustion mixed with a level of depression & anxiety. A weird mix but socially paralysing (and certainly not ideal on your birthday).

Look after yourselves and no matter how much you want to make sure other people are doing well, remember that #1 is what counts before all else. Get some rest, take a break, chill out in whatever way works for you and come back ready to rock!