Fake news is all over the media lately, but what does it mean, why is it here and why do I think it could potentially save us from destruction?

Let’s get one thing straight – fake news has existed since the dawn of the media. Propaganda has fuelled everything from our office gossip to world wars since humans began sharing stories.

More recently though, we’ve been seeing the recognition of these fake news articles coming to a head and the channels they’re distributed through, primarily on social media, raising the awareness of not-true stories or those with a little too much creative licence & PR ‘spin’ on them.

So much so, that the public are calling for these social channels to do something about it.

Facebook have acknowledged there is a fake news problem and have started to clamp down on this content with algorithms and human interception.

It’s this action that I think could save the world. Here’s why:

Before the ‘social media age’ we weren’t able to easily fact-check any news we saw and generally took most things as the honest truth.

This often led to blind belief and having our behaviours swayed by the media. Meaning that big establishments could drum up cult-like followings, around their messages and create a snowballing community, potentially dangerous, if you consider the types of messages that could be spread.

Now though, with the advent of clamping down on fake news and the increased request for fact-checked content, it’s getting less and less likely for us to see messages that are thought up in the board rooms of companies or politicians, or indeed the war rooms of countries.

By no means do I think we’re there yet, but imagine a world where everyone was called out on their BS?

We’d have far more trustworthy leaders, less propaganda and much more truth & honesty from the channels we pay the most attention to.

If the clamp down on fake news becomes strong enough, then this idealistic way of life may not be too far from real, and people who like to spin fake news regularly, (*cough* Trump *cough*) might not be able to get away with it anymore.

The world would be much more transparent, aware, topically intelligent and able to cut-off messages that may before have had the opportunity to affect the world in a negative way. I for one welcome the clamp down on fake news and look forward to seeing the creative ways in which PR has to evolve as a result.