Extra customer service goes a very long way. Digital isn’t about sales, it’s about engagement.

Here’s why:

Yesterday, someone signed up for our newsletter on the YENA website. Thanks to our friends at GoSquared, I was able to see what page they were on when they signed up to this and get their details immediately.

Their email was a customer email address that allowed me to check out their website and see what they did – an impressive looking company and clearly on the YENA website for a reason.

The page they’d signed up for the newsletter on was our events page for Manchester but their business was based in Cardiff. So, I emailed them right away and said the following:

“Hi (name),

Saw you signed up to our website newsletter – thanks!

I noticed you were on the Manchester events page when you did that but your business address seems to be Wales. Did you know we’re launching Cardiff?

Would be great to meet you there!

I’d also love to hear about how you found out about YENA and what bought you to our website.

Anything I can do to help (company name), do let me know?”

As a result of this action, they revisited today and I signed up for YENA membershipwithout having even responded to my email yet.

It just goes to show what extra engagement, service, data and generally being nice can do for your sales.

If you’d like to know any more about this, let me know. I’m happy to share notes or, at a higher level, consult on similar strategies for your business.