The Problem With Great Business Advice

By March 17, 2016General updates, My thougts

The Problem With Great Business Advice

Since taking on YENA full-time around a month ago, I’ve come to realise that I’ve something of a problem that’s born out of having too much of a good thing; that good thing currently being the number of incredibly intelligent people I’m lucky to have around me and the really great business advice they give .

Great Business AdvicePart of the reason I started YENA is because I simply love to hear people’s stories and how I can help them progress. Taking part in activities like this on a daily basis has meant I’ve built up a great black book of more than generous contacts who are happy to chip in with thoughts and ideas when I need them. I’ve created a lot of chits to cash in and recently I’ve been doing a lot of that.

This has ironically presented a problem – that much of this great business advice contrasted another, and so it’s difficult to see who might be right and who might be wrong.

Today though, someone reminded me of the best way to find the answer and to maximise your potential: “start with why”. Yes that great Simon Sinek quote that always hits home at just the right time.

We’re developing some great core business services at YENA that will be the bread and butter of our short term but we mustn’t lose sight of the ‘big things’ we want to do with the leverage we have. They might seem crazy to most but one of the other reasons I started YENA was to create an environment that enabled those seemingly crazy ideas to take flight and be realised. If we didn’t look to achieve this ourselves then it would be highly hypocritical.

Time to put the skates on and get going then, here’s to making the changes we want to see in the world!