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By March 1, 2015If I were..., My thougts

For the next instalment of my ‘If I were a…’ series, I wanted to discuss personal trainers – another person who has a huge amount of potential but can sometimes get caught up in amongst their day-to-day running of a business.


I am rather lucky that one of my clients is a fantastic sports specialist and personal trainer; and a great example of one that has taken the initiative and inspired this post.

As always – these posts are not meant to teach you how to do your job. I wouldn’t be able to teach you how to work out! I’m just hoping that this advice is able to get you ahead of the competition and achieving the success you deserve.


Tip #1: You have flexibility – use it

Being a personal trainer is one of those job roles that gives you the opportunity to have a real work-life balance. Your clients can almost be booked in around you and you can take this as an opportunity to use the rest of your time to increase the value of your work. Take part in other activities, increase your business development, until you have a full roster of clients. Then you can increase you value.

Tip #2: Don’t undervalue yourself

A lot of people will charge one price forever, regardless of the number of clients they have. In business there’s an understanding of ‘economies of scale’ which helps you find the perfect price for your clients. It is a ‘try it and see’ process, but asking clients and assessing competition can bring you your answer about pricing. If you’re booked in all week, every day then maybe you should up your price. It may seem unreasonable at first, but would you rather charge 1 client £100 or 5 clients £20? The time saving means your value goes up and life can either be easier, or financially much better!


Tip #3: Explore multiple revenue streams

Being  PT doesn’t just mean being in the gym. You can offer plans, nutritional advice, workshops, group activities, consult on sports teams, lecture at universities, schools and colleges, write blogs, books and more. Some people will stick to just one of these avenues and it’s true, there is a strong advantage in focusing what you do, but possibly supplementing some of the time on a closely related project can benefit both! If you write a blog for example, it can be a way of gaining more clients, and also a way to improve the value of service for the clients you already have.

Tip #4: Utilise your clients sales abilities

Sometimes going it alone can feel pretty difficult; you can get stuck with your immediate network and not know how to sell your services outside of it. Your client are your strongest salesforce. They’re likely to recommend your services anyway, if you’re doing a good job, but you should incentivise them to do so and you’ll more likely get those recommendations. The local gym I’ve joined offers people £1 off for every other member they sign up; following a sales tactic like this can help grow clients much faster. Maybe a free session for every referral that becomes a client. Anything to get your roster filled!

Tip #5: Local thought leadership

Becoming known for what you do within your local network is key to becoming a success. If someone in your network needs to find a personal trainer or someone with your specific services then they should be looking to you as their first point of contact. How do you make sure you’re that person? Hold regular seminars in the community about healthy living perhaps, delivering flyers with free tips on, to the places your ideal customers will visit. Before any of that though, utilise social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, can all be used to help raise awareness of your knowledge and skill so that you’re the first person people think of when they consider PT services.

Tip #6: Build a great brand

Having a well known brand will make all of this so much easier. Using your name is fine but a tag line, motto, well known brand values, physical traits, logo, colours etc will help people recognise you and remember you. If this is something you’d like to explore then get in touch and I’ll be happy to help!


Hopefully these tips can help you succeed in an otherwise very competitive industry. Feel free to use them at your will – be sure to let me know how you get on!


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