Why I’ll make August 2017 my ‘Admin Month’

By August 19, 2016Uncategorized

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.16.19EVERYONE IS ON HOLIDAY.

Apart from me…

That’s the story of my August so far. Yet, unlike a few who have gotten a little disheartened by this inability to contact people who aren’t there or simply wanting to get away along with every one else, I’ve used the respite to implement a lot of the plans that the rest of the years meetings, phone calls, lunches & beers have been all about.

This August has been the most ‘absent’ I’ve ever seen for people on my contact list and, as a result, I’ll be working it into my 2017 diary to make sure that August is the month where I get my head down and get a *huge* lead on everything & everyone else in September. I’m sure I’ll find sun at other times of the year anyway… or maybe just go skiing instead.

The moral of the story is – every road has bumps, it’s how you navigate that road that defines your journey.

Hope you’re all enjoying your well earned holidays and I look forward to seeing you on your return!