What are values for success?

By October 17, 2016My thougts

Discovering what makes you happy, and what you define as ‘successful’ helps tremendously along the way.

I used to subscribe to the usual ‘fast car, big house’ ideal and that isn’t to say I don’t anymore but I can say now that I know what my values are and what my definition of success is, I am happier than ever, as I’m able to celebrate all the little things now, as opposed to before.

The values I commit to completing or working towards every day are:

1. Helping others – To make others happy through enabling their success – I connect people for a living to make them more successful and in doing this, it makes me happy too. (Ubuntu: if you are successful, I am successful).

2. FreedomĀ – In both time and money. I don’t come from a wealthy background, so I would like to achieve a certain level of wealth to accelerate my ability to help others and to enable my next value…

3. Adventure – life should always be exciting. If it isn’t, shake it up. We get one go, and I don’t plan on wasting it.

4. Recognition – this is essentially a yard stick for all of the others, I.e. If I am doing things worthy of recognition then I am likely achieving my other values.

5. Legacy – I aim to leave an impact of a positive kind. Yes this is probably appealing to my narcissistic tenancies but also holds me accountable for doing good things, as small as they might be, for people, every day.

So that’s it. I challenge you to find your values and what success means to you because, when you find it, it’ll help you get right on track with where you’re going!